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Ayurveda has its origin from the 5000 years Vedic culture of India and often termed as “Science of life”. It is the oldest healing science that reminds us the web of our life is interwoven within our bodies. Long ago Ayurveda was taught by ancient gurus to their disciples orally and very few handwritten scripts are available until now. The significance of Ayurveda is with the total wellness of our body and attaining serenity internally and externally. As it has a holistic approach to the illness it is referred to as “Mother of all healing” and many western practices like homeopathy, polarity therapy has the roots with Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Approach

There is a major difference need to be understood between the two terms Ayurveda and western allopathic medicine. It is the Approach towards a disease. Western allopathic medicine diagnoses the disease by their symptoms and cures it by giving the suggested medicines. The medicines cure the disease but not protect it from all the future endeavors. And it may have some side effects and weakens your body. On the other hand, Ayurveda approaches a disease in a holistic approach. So for all the issues in your body, you have to concentrate on your energy balance. When there is a good flow of energy with a lesser amount of stress, your natural defense system gets strengthen and you will be very less likely to get affected by a disease. It doesn’t mean that you have to reject all sorts of western medicines and treatments. Lots of surgeries many people’s lives have been saved by western allopathic medicine. So it is recommended to follow both to cure and protect from the disease.

Core principles of Ayurveda

Every living thing in the world has a unique biological composition that entitles your individual genetic code which unfolds your mental and physical characteristics. As we have a unique thumbprint we do have our own (Prakriti). Each person on earth would be persuaded by certain elements more than others because of their natural constitution( Prakriti). Based on this spectrum there are three doshas. Each dosha has differences in terms of the above category. Like persons with Kapha dosha are solid and steady with their mind and body. Imbalance in these doshas causes illness.

We at Grace Greens manufacture ayurvedic medicines with traditional techniques and herbs found in indian ecosystem.Our medicines help you cure all your diseases naturally at the root and lead a happy life with the power of nature.