Grace Greens Ayurveda

"World Class Ayurvedic Medicines"


Water decoction prepared from various herbs or single herb to cure indigestion,cold-cough etc.Generally Water soluble herbs are used which can be easily absorbed by intestines providing instant relief.


Arishtam is created using a special yeast by fermenting various herbs. Arishtams are only found in ayurveda not in any other herbal tradition.These Medicines are ideal to cure people who suffer from weak digestion or those having malabsorption(ama).


Rasayanam is endured in early ayurvedic medicine as the science of lengthening lifespan.These Medicines help support and nourish the blood along with improving tissues and immune system to rejuvenate our body.


Oushadham is derived from aushadhi which means medication and cure in natural ways.Medicines are created using traditional methods with green herbs from deep within nature.


A fine powdered form of herbs in the most simplest form of ayurvedic medicine is used to cure long tern diseases.It canbe made from single herb or with multiple herbs combined in right proportions


Ayurvedic herbs mixed with natural oils to cure muscle tissues,skin disorder,bone&joint pain,headache, hair and scalp problems.These are medicated oils infused with powerful herbs.


Gulikas are the tablet form of ayurvedic medicines used to treat ease of consumption.They are prepared by rolling medical herbal pastes and then drying up in sun.


Special ayurvedic concotions used o cure specific physical,mental and psychological problems.Special herbal paste are created to apply on affected areas to cure from outside.


Gritham is prepared using cow's ghee and is used for internal consumption which are easy to digest and cures immediately.